The “Dialogue Franco-Russe” Association was established in 2004 by both Russian and French key figures coming from various circles, who wished all to develop the cooperation between the two countries. From the beginning, the association has been placed under the patronage of the French and Russian Presidents, Jacques Chirac and Vladimir Putin. The Association « French-Russian Dialog » is co-chaired since 2012 by Thierry Mariani and Vladimir Yakunin. Nowadays it is a favored communication tool between political, economical and cultural circles from both countries.
Our task is to contribute to intensify the strategic relationship and the favored partnership between France and Russia by stimulating an efficient dialog as well at official level as in business circles and civil societies.

Economic relationship
Widening economic cooperation and business relations is one of the main goals of “Dialogue Franco-Russe”. Our business forums, conferences and meetings put in direct touch company managers, bankers, administration representatives, persons in charge of regions and different economical players in order to promote the development of new projects.

Culture and history are at the roots of the closeness of French and Russian peoples, and they play a major part in their mutual understanding. “Dialogue Franco-Russe” offers support to cultural events in both countries, in the fields of music, theater, dance, graphic arts and painting.

Political relations
“Dialogue Franco-Russe” is the observation platform of the political relations between France and Russia and contributes to widen the fields of contact between the decision-makers of both countries.

“Dialogue Franco-Russe” encourages the exchange of people between France and Russia, particularly in the areas of science and education, with a special attention to the interaction of the youth.

Dialogue France-Russe aims to create an informal area of communication between decision-makers and press people of both countries. The meetings in our press club contribute to a better communication between France and Russia.

The association “Dialogue Franco-Russe” is opened to large companies, SME, public organizations, institutions and private persons.