Hugues Malbert
Member of the board

Born in 1946 in Toulouse (France).
Fully involved for more than twenty years in the development of relationship between France and USSR, then Russian Federation.
He also has a sustained activity in the areas of French-speaking countries and of decentralized cooperation in the Euro-Mediterranean area.

Publisher and poet.

Activities in the field of Franco-Russian relationship:
Member of “Dialogue Franco-Russe” since its creation in 2004.
Advisor of the executive chairman in 2006.
Member of the board since 2012.
Delegate in 1996-2004 the Foundation Social and Political Center of Russia (CSPR) in Moscow.
From 1994 to 2004, delegate in charge of cooperation ties with - amongst others - French Parliament and universities on behalf of the Foundation for Parliament Government in Russia (FDPR) in Moscow).

Main activities in the Euro-Mediterranean area:
Since 2013, founder member of the international association “Safeties and Cooperations in the Mediterranean” (SECOMED).
Between 2008 and 2013, founder and member of the board of the International Association for Cooperation, Development and Global Safety in the Euro-Mediterranean area (STRADEMED 2).
In 1983, Secretary General of the Coordination Committee for the Mediterranean and African Studies (COCERMA), Institute for Political Studies (IEP) in Toulouse.

Activities in the cultural area:
Since 1988, program director of “Travers des Espaces Francophones” (Crossties of French-speaking Countries), director of the collection “Littératures” of Publisud publishers, Paris.

Publications (selection of):
The Dance of the Bear, followed by “the Lion Pit”, Feuga publishers, Paris, 2005.
Moloch Express, Publisud publishers, Paris, 1991.
Black Letters, Privat publishers, Toulouse 1981.