Sergey Mndoyants
Member of the board

1990-1993, advisor to Arkadi Volski, president of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Businessmen.
1993-1998, CEO, 1998-2007, chairman of the Foundation for Parliament Government in Russia.
2007-2009, executive vice-president of the association “Dialogue Franco-Russe”.
2009-2012, executive vice-president of AFK Systema, in charge of public affairs and international relationship.
Since 2012 executive vice-president of the board of the agency for the development of the economic institutions LM-Invest.
Member of the board of the Council for Foreign and Defense Policy (SVOP), member of the board of the Russian Center of Public Policies (ROPTs), and a number of other organizations.
Author of numerous publications on the history of the social thought in the XIXth and early XXth centuries, the socio-economical and political reforms in the Soviet Union and in Russia.